Appalachian State Alumni Finds Fit with HighJump

Posted by Heather Smith on Apr 23, 2018 10:15:00 AM

Jerry Zhang attributes his international experience as the key to his career success. Serving as an international sales consultant in HighJump’s Shanghai facility, the Appalachian State University alumni was well prepared to enter the supply chain job market.

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Lowes Foods, Conn’s HomePlus and Helm Share Biggest Retail Supply Chain Challenges, Creative Solutions

Posted by Guadalupe Pagalday on Apr 20, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Over the past 15-20 years, retailers have dealt with more disruptive changes than came in the half century prior to that. The emergence of online shopping and customers’ sky-high (and climbing) expectations have put a tremendous burden on retailers’ supply chains.

Three retail supply chain thought-leaders from disparate industries came together to discuss these challenges and the solutions they have found during a panel at NRF 2018 Retail’s BIG Show in New York earlier this year. This article recaps the panel discussion, breaking it down by a few prominent themes including a customer-first mindset, same-day shipping, inventory visibility and the battle between brick-and-mortar stores and internet retail.

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HighJump’s Sean Elliott Named 2018 Food Logistics Champion: Rock Star of the Supply Chain

Posted by Heather Smith on Apr 19, 2018 8:20:00 AM

HighJump announces the appointment of Chief Technology Officer Sean Elliott to the Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain. Under Elliott’s leadership, food and beverage companies across the globe are revolutionizing their workflows with innovative solutions propelling them into the supply chain of future.

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From Elevate 2018- How Fox Racing Gained Operational Efficiencies with Voice

Posted by Tailar Kennedy on Apr 18, 2018 9:58:23 AM

On the final morning of Elevate, John Romero, Director of Distribution for Fox Racing, spoke to a full room about his experience integrating voice-directed work into a HighJump-powered warehouse. He covered everything from the selection process to the expansion of voice beyond picking procedures, and gave insights into why you should consider the solution.

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How Thrive Market Manages Hyper-Growth in the Online Grocery Market

Posted by Guadalupe Pagalday on Apr 17, 2018 1:45:24 PM

With its mission of providing Americans with quality food at an affordable price, Thrive Market has teamed up with HighJump to become a major player in the online grocery shopping sphere.

Thrive Market has never shied away from a challenge. Since its launch in late 2015, the online grocer has set out to change the country’s eating habits by improving access to quality health and wellness products with a novel approach to grocery shopping.

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HighJump Recognizes International Partners’ Success in Driving Adoption of Supply Chain of Tomorrow

Posted by Heather Smith on Apr 17, 2018 11:35:53 AM

To handle rapidly evolving and increasingly complex consumer demands, supply chain professionals must revolutionize their workflows. HighJump provides the creative solutions that make this possible, enabling its customers to tap into the automated and connected supply chain of the future.

This is also due to the expertise and dedication of HighJump’s international partner network.

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MODEX 2018: HighJump Showcases New Innovations for Supply Chain Business Intelligence, Automation

Posted by Heather Smith on Apr 9, 2018 7:01:08 AM


HighJump today at MODEX 2018 showcases its latest innovations for insightful business execution and automation control. HighJump’s new business analytics tool, HighJump Visual Insights, combined with HighJump’s Automation Aware Warehouse Management System (WMS) create a single, comprehensive solution that streamlines supply chain workflows.

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Discover New Levels of Efficiency with Voice for the Warehouse

Posted by Tailar Kennedy on Apr 5, 2018 7:00:00 AM

For more than a decade, voice has been implemented into HighJump warehouses to provide users with improved productivity, accuracy, and training times. During the Elevate user conference, Glen Theiss, who has more than 10 years dedicated to voice in the warehouse, walked HighJump users through new uses for voice in the market, benefits HighJump users have experienced, and what makes voice for the warehouse different.

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Convoy of Hope Delivers Compassion Around the World with HighJump WMS

Posted by Janae Smith on Apr 2, 2018 8:35:27 AM

Since 1994, Convoy of Hope has been bringing help and optimism to those that are impoverished and suffering throughout the world. The non-profit organization has helped more than 80 million people globally sharing food, water, emergency supplies, agricultural know-how, and opportunities that empower people to live independent lives, free from poverty, disease and hunger.

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How Warehouse Employees Drive Process Improvement at Quality Bicycle Products

Posted by Guadalupe Pagalday on Mar 29, 2018 11:12:56 AM


Quality Bicycle Products uses its employees’ insights to transform its supply chain. HighJump’s WMS technology has enabled the company to do so more effectively than ever.

Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) has always looked to maximize efficiency. Its founder, Steve Flagg, created a digital catalogue of his inventory shortly after entering business in 1981, enabling him to find and ship products the same day while most of his competitors spent much longer searching for parts.

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