City Furniture’s Retail Supply Chain Transforms the Customer Experience

    Posted by Sophie Pagalday on May 10, 2018 10:11:17 AM


    With HighJump’s flexible WMS platform, City Furniture increased accuracy and efficiency throughout its supply chain to create a seamless customer experience.

    Florida furniture retailer City Furniture currently presides over 28 showrooms, one centralized million-square-foot distribution center, and a large (and ever-growing!) customer base. The company prides itself on its well-oiled supply chains, commitment to customer service, and efficient logistics.

    In the past, City Furniture relied on homegrown WMS software that it could adjust as needed in response to shifting demands. Soon, however, it became clear that a more flexible and adaptive warehouse management system would be required to keep pace with the company’s growth.


    A Customizable Solution

    As a young company, City Furniture needed a WMS that could grow alongside it. “Having an adaptable solution was a priority for us, since we were used to making our own system modifications,” Managing Director of Operations Shaun Feraco says. “We wanted a solution that was customizable, as opposed to configurable.”

    “To process orders as quickly as possible,” Feraco adds, “we have to have an accurate inventory. With the million-square-foot facility that we have, it’s imperative that everything is in the right location at all times.”

    With HighJump’s WMS software, City Furniture found just what it needed. By tweaking a base application to streamline constant cycle counting, for example, City Furniture was able to simplify its inventory management processes and better monitor its inventory.

    The results speak for themselves. “With HighJump, we’ve reached over 99% accuracy with our inventory at all times,” beams Feraco. “We pass end-of-year audits with flying colors.”

    Optimizing the Customer Experience

    Along with accurate inventory counts, City Furniture places a premium on processing speed. “Before a customer even leaves the sales desk, our employees are already starting to pick the order in our distribution center,” Feraco notes. Thanks to this well-oiled system, City Furniture is able to execute same-day delivery on most orders.

    Recently, the company utilized its HighJump WMS technology to further streamline omnichannel order fulfillment and improve the customer experience. Through a customer pickup system, customers have the option of collecting their orders at one of the many City Furniture locations at their leisure, or calling ahead to schedule a pickup time. Taking advantage of the HighJump WMS platform’s flexibility, the company was able to create new algorithms to prioritize the orders of on-site customers — resulting in a substantial increase in order processing speed for time-sensitive requests. Most impressive of all, City Furniture was able to develop and implement this modification within a single day.

    As Feraco stresses, HighJump’s WMS technology has played a critical role in City Furniture’s expansion: “HighJump is the right solution for us to make the business changes we need in order to thrive.”

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