Concurrency in Third Party Logistics

Posted by Melroy Coelho on Oct 25, 2016 9:00:00 AM
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What is concurrency as it relates to 3PLs - The ability to perform multiple functions and run multiple business processes, that vary from customer to customer in single or multiple facilities.

Concurrency is an absolute requirement in multi-client 3PL operations.

Examples of concurrent operating capabilities include;

  • Simultaneous receiving, staging, packing, staging and storing of inbound mecrhandise under unique business processes for each customer
  • Simultaneous picking, staging, loading, and shipping of product from multiple customers via multiple transports to multiple locations with unique business processes for each customer
  • Multiple simultaneous inventory counts with reporting by radio frequency, paper slips or both
  • Simultaneous management of different inventory entities that may be driven by product type. Pharma and food products require item, lot and expiration data management, rolls of paper may require item, mill number and roll ID, while technology products may require serial number management. Pallet ID can also be applicable to any of these examples
  • Commingling of customer fulfillment processes, each with the potential of being services by differeing customer preferences 

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