CZ-USA Replaces Homegrown Solution with HighJump WMS for Increased Flexibility, Scalability and Traceability

    Posted by Janae Smith on Oct 12, 2017 8:00:00 AM

    CZ-USA Replaces Homegrown solution with HighJump WMS

    CZ-USA is a leading sporting goods importer from its parent company in the Czech Republic and has been selling firearms in the United States for nearly 20 years. The company sells its products through distribution channels such as Bauska, Action Arms and Magnum Research and prides itself on delivering the quality, value and service customers deserve.

    Before the company began looking for a replacement system, they were using QuickBooks in conjunction with a homegrown database management product that was written in Czech. In order to poise the organization for profitable growth, CZ-USA needed to implement flexible supply chain execution software that was more manageable, scalable and functional to integrate with its newly implemented ERP.

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    CZ-USA selected HighJump Warehouse Management System  (WMS) due to its increased scalability and proven, seamless integration to Sage 300 ERP.

    “Having the integration already built and established was a big help for us because we did not have the people or funds to do it internally and we could not wait for it to be developed. Having all the pieces ready to plug in was a good thing for us,” Scott Schreiner, Chief Information Officer at CZ-USA, said.

    The directed movement and instilled discipline of HighJump WMS allowed for many operational efficiency gains within its warehouse facility located in Kansas City, KS. By leveraging mobile scanners on the warehouse floor, the sporting goods importer has gained over 99 percent accuracy with its cycle counts and can instantly track down and mitigate problems as they occur. 

    Utilizing the robust, out-of-box warehouse functionality has enabled CZ-USA to keep and maintain its significant, yearly growth of 40 percent without having to add additional sources. The company has also achieved increased synergies across its multi-solution supply chain by automating its EDI orders and leveraging customer compliance labeling capabilities.

    Schreiner further expressed that “the [HighJump] solutions are scalable and have been easy to put together. We are starting to see more exciting things that we can add to our current configuration as our needs grow and change. The fact that we have been able to scale our business alongside the HighJump solutions has made it a choice that we’ve never had to worry about.”

    Watch the three minute video above to learn more about the benefits CZ-USA gained after implementing HighJump WMS and why Scott Schreiner recommends HighJump and its supply chain software.  

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