DBH Distributing Turns up the Heat from Slices to Success with HighJump WMS

    Posted by Janae Smith on Aug 31, 2017 9:00:00 AM

    DBH Distributing turns up the heat from slices to success with HighJump WMS

    What began as four brothers selling pizza out of the back of a station wagon in the 1960’s, is now America’s #1 convenience store pizza brand. Built on a foundation of solid principles, this family owned business provides extraordinary business opportunities to customers and quality products to delight consumers.

    Revolutionizing the convenience store industry with its unique business model, All Toppings No Extra Charge®, led the brand to the creation of partnerships with convenience stores. Thriving in rural areas, you can find its delicious products in 7,300 locations in 29 states.


    On the surface, the DBH Distributing supply chain inside the Hunt Brothers Pizza’s enterprise looks simple. Its two largest master distributors handling 95% of product buy direct from suppliers, which is then responsible for supplying its 48 distributor warehouses. This is where complexity arises; most of the distributor warehouses are not owned by Hunt Brothers Pizza as 3PL unmanaged warehouses are utilized. Managing movement in its multi-step supply chain is challenging with manual processes, especially if food contamination or a recall were to occur.

    “Without having preventative proactive controls, new news was old news,” said Randy Dunn, DBH Distributing VP of Operations. The lack of real-time inventory visibility became a perpetual state of balancing purchase and sales orders via excel spreadsheets preventing the organization from demand planning and controlling costs. On the last day of every month, inventory had to be counted manually with the inability to fill any purchase or sales orders that day.

    In order to support its tremendous organizational growth, the supply chain team knew warehouse technology would solve these problems, while providing a platform to be innovative in its strategic business objectives.

    To further support supply chain network integration, Hunt Brothers Pizza second master distributor, Pizza Wholesale of Lexington based in Paris, Kentucky is in the process of going live with the HighJump WMS.

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    In today’s world, food contamination is becoming a very important issue. FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) is requiring processes are in place to quickly respond in the event of a quarantine or recall. There is a pressing need for greater inventory visibility throughout the supply chain.  Organizations must prioritize in order to confidently comply with food safety regulations while achieving its organizational goals as they work to achieve system-wide traceability.

    Ensuring that product traceability is met alongside quality standards can be challenging in a world where managing brand expectations is everything. Transforming its once manual processes to successfully manage premium ingredients through a network of trucks, distribution centers and stores is now possible with the confidence of HighJump Warehouse Management Solution (WMS).


    Once selection criteria, project structure and project timeline were identified, DBH Distributing turned to technology to increase efficiencies in the warehouse. Dunn was extremely diligent in his evaluations of 18 different WMS vendors. With a top priority of real-time inventory control, management was also seeking a WMS with seamless intergration to Microsoft Dynamics GP. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the secret ingredient needed to decrease risk, improve accuracy levels, and increase productivity was HighJump WMS.

    Since going live with HighJump WMS, they have experienced a positive impact to its bottom line saving thousands of dollars per month in reduced shrinkage costs. In addition to safeguarding the company from theft and monitoring damage, inventory has achieved consistent levels of 99.99+% accuracy. With the functionality of lot tracking, they are now able to validate where product is for on demand location based quarantine and recalls eliminating its prior procedures of shutting down geographic areas to isolate product.

    “With our double-digit growth, we didn’t want to buy a technology that was good for today but not tomorrow. A big selling point for us was HighJump’s strategic vision,” said Dunn.

    Watch the short three-minute video to learn more about why DBH Distributing selected HighJump WMS and how the company now has the confidence to satisfy short-term needs and long-term goals with HighJump’s complete, out-of-box warehousing suite.

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