Tune In: Dorfman Pacific Explains the Power of Voice Picking Technology

    Posted by John Arkontaky on Apr 7, 2020 9:00:00 AM


    Here’s how Dorfman Pacific leverages warehouse technology to drive operational accuracy and efficiency.

    Dorfman Pacific, an American headwear distribution company founded in 1921, has a lot to be proud of. The company has maintained the largest headwear inventory in the world for nearly a century, providing its global customer base with a vast array of high-quality products. Dorfman Pacific takes its success and position within the industry very seriously, serving as a trailblazer when it comes to exemplary customer service and competitive prices. 

    To maintain the company’s stronghold on the market, executives at Dorfman Pacific decided to pick up the pace by modernizing their warehouse. But optimizing the operations of a 315,000 square foot facility is no easy undertaking. That’s when Dorfman Pacific turned to HighJump for support.


    Putting Innovative Warehouse Technology Into Play

    Before bringing HighJump on board, Dorfman Pacific relied on manual, paper-based order picking and label processing to fulfill customer requests. This system was not only time-consuming, but error-prone as employees attempted to keep track of hundreds of paper documents.

    Working with HighJump, Dorfman Pacific implemented the HighJump Warehouse Management System (WMS) and hit the ground running with RF scanning technology. Employees were equipped with handheld devices they could use to digitally improve inventory management, scan barcodes, and track order quantity. In no time, operational efficiency started to spike.

    That was nearly 10 years ago. As Dorfman Pacific advanced, so did their support from HighJump. Integrating HighJump Voice Directed Warehouse Solution into their existing WMS, the company dove headfirst into the digital era. Thanks to this voice-picking technology that feeds instructions through a headset, employees are now hands-free and eyes-free. This allows them to work quickly and efficiently, increasing productivity and accuracy throughout the warehouse. As a result, Dorfman Pacific has been able to hit its goal of getting orders out within a 24-hour period.

    “One of the things we love about HighJump is how interchangeable and adaptable it is,” says Michael Jonson, Outbound Distribution Manager at Dorfman Pacific. “Since adding voice-directed warehousing to the WMS, we’ve used the platform for interleaving cycle counts, directed put aways, and beyond. We’re always finding new ways to add it to existing processes and enhance our operations.”

    Meeting Customer Demands with Voice Picking Solutions

    Leveraging the power of voice-directed picking, Dorfman Pacific has elevated its operations to meet the needs of its diverse customer base. Associates fulfilling orders for big-box retailers and small mom and pop shops alike can rely on HighJump’s voice picking solutions to improve the speed and accuracy at which they conduct order selection, put away, replenishment, and cycle counting within the warehouse.

    These capabilities allow Dorfman Pacific to remain competitive and fulfill its commitment to product quality, on-time delivery, competitive prices, and, above all, unparalleled customer service.

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