Expolanka Freight Bolsters Global Presence through HighJump Partnership

    Posted by Heather Smith on Dec 23, 2017 12:00:00 PM

    Expolanka Freight, a 3PL provider that emerged from a freight forwarding company, is based in Sri Lanka. With more than three decades of experience, Expolanka has a presence in more than 18 countries worldwide.

    After evaluating six other vendors, Expolanka selected HighJump warehouse management system. Key to this was HighJump’s flexibility and transferability. The system is designed so partners can easily implement the technology on behalf of customers. Furthermore, customers are empowered with the ability to easily adapt the WMS, which evolves constantly to meet industry demands, to fit their unique needs. As a result, Expolanka can always meet customers’ needs and expectations, providing a world-class supply chain functionality.

    Expolanka handles the entire scope of the supply chain, and is known for providing a one-stop solution for the fashion and ecommerce industries.

    To learn more about the HighJump Partner Network, and how to become a part of it, visit here.  

    Topics: 3PL, International, Warehouse Management System (WMS)