Are you on the frontier of supply chain’s future?

    Posted by Sophie Pagalday on Aug 7, 2018 1:00:00 PM

    Like lead-based paint and gas guzzling automobiles there’s no looking back on the rollercoaster that is today’s supply chain. Fast-forward to today, and you know how the story goes: delivery times shrink while convenience and customer expectations skyrocket. On top of that, nobody can name their baby Alexa because Amazon practically trademarked it.

    For some, the challenges might feel overwhelming. For others, it’s like the open range, full of possibility.

    Recenlty, HighJump CTO Sean Elliott sat down with SupplyChainBrain to discuss the landscape of supply chain and how businesses can and need to do more with their supply chain processes and the tools at their disposal. Specifically, he discusses:

    • How changes in customer trends create a domino-effect on your supply chain
    • Why big data is the lifeblood of a healthy supply chain and business
    • ROI and the necessity for supply chain technology investments
    • What the shift in millenials’ vocational preferences mean for warehouse management
    • How the most successful businesses take customer satisfaction seriously

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