HighJump Elevate Supply Chain Conference At A Glance

    Posted by Heather Smith on Feb 13, 2020 6:03:30 PM

    HJP_ElevateNow in its sixth year, Elevate — HighJump’s annual user conference — has become an, and we quote, “unmissable” industry event. Spanning four action-packed days, Elevate unites 700 supply chain professionals for unparalleled educational trainings, networking opportunities, panel discussions, and brainstorming sessions.

    This year’s theme, “Look deep. Look Far. Look Beyond.”, prompts attendees to examine their existing warehouse management operations while keeping an eye on exciting new chapters in supply chain technology Through collaboration and conversation, attendees will walk away from Elevate with the industry insights they need to succeed.

    Here’s a quick overview of what to expect from this year’s event:

    Cutting Edge Warehouse Technology

    Technology is evolving faster than ever before. Supply chain managers must keep up, or risk falling behind. Elevate attendees will gain in-depth information on the latest product releases, learning how these technological advancements can ensure that businesses remain productive and competitive amidst a crowded market.

    Touching on top trends, Elevate 2020 features new tracks entirely dedicated to voice picking solutions and warehouse robotics. It’s a conference with sessions and learnings that touch virtually every link of the supply chain. Through roadmap sessions, panel discussions with industry leaders, and hands-on workshops, attendees will learn how these disruptive technologies are changing the supply chain landscape as we know it.

    Solutions to Modern-Day Supply Chain Challenges

    A pain point experienced in one company’s supply chain is likely felt by many others. Packed with hundreds of experts and peers within the logistics space, Elevate provides an opportunity for industry professionals to share challenges — and solutions — to common hurdles. Through various networking opportunities and “Ask the Expert” sessions, attendees leave the event equipped to tackle any issue at hand.

    For instance, labor management strategies have become a particularly hot topic for business leaders as to new lows. This year’s Elevate event will shine a spotlight on the unique role autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can play in filling this talent gap. These innovative devices are designed to assist existing employees — not replace them — by improving warehouse safety and efficiency. When AMRs are paired with easy-to-use voice picking technology, employees can get through more work in less time. For supply chain managers, this eases the burden of constantly sourcing new employees to meet rising demand.

    Leader-Led Keynote Sessions

    No Elevate conference would be complete without a top-notch lineup of talented speakers. This year, Jamie Clarke, performance coach for the 2018 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals, extreme adventurer, and eCommerce CEO joins us to share inspiring stories of perseverance, hope, and overcoming obstacles of every size and stature.

    Later in the week, Julian Guthrie, best-selling author and journalist, will take the stage at the fourth annual Women Leaders in Supply Chain (WLSC) Lunch. This luncheon and awards ceremony is dedicated to honoring women who are transforming the supply chain industry. Fittingly, Guthrie’s latest book, Alpha Girls, is the untold story of pioneering women in Silicon Valley — those who bucked the system and found ways to thrive in the high stakes, male-dominated world of Silicon Valley.

    Joining these speakers are HighJump’s very own CEO Chad Collins and CTO Sean Elliot as well as a host of additional supply chain leaders. Together, these industry experts will cover an extensive array of topics for a well-rounded, robust event.


    Taking Supply Chain Management to New Heights

    Elevate is more than a supply chain conference — it’s an experience. Attendees return each year to reconnect, learn, and gather the cutting-edge insights they need to set their companies up for sustained success. According to one former attendee, “The energy at Elevate is contagious.”

    So what are you waiting for? Join us March 2-5 in Orlando, Florida, for four days of supply chain education and networking in the Sunshine State.

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