HighJump Milestones and Vision for Supply Chain of the Future - Elevate 2019

    Posted by Heather Smith on Mar 5, 2019 4:39:41 AM

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    HighJump - at its annual user conference, HighJump Elevate - announced its current achievements and plans to propel companies across the globe further into the connected and automated supply chain of the future.

    Over the past three decades, HighJump has built a diverse and proven platform of solutions spanning warehousing, logistics, transportation and retail execution to empower companies of all sizes, industries and complexities. This includes melding HighJump’s technologies and services with its global family of logistics technology companies as part of Körber Logistics Systems to meet today and tomorrow’s demands. HighJump’s extensive market momentum exemplifies its capabilities.

    2018 milestones include:

    • Adding 320 new customers and 100+ go lives, bringing HighJump’s capabilities to more than 4,400 customers in 78 countries.
    • Solidifying its position as a cloud leader. This includes a partnership with Oracle, helping HighJump secure 1,000 cloud customers in over 20 countries to date.
    • Launching new innovations to revolutionize workflows. This includes the HighJump Warehouse Control System to capitalize on automation investments and warehouse simulation and design with HighJump CLASS.

    To maintain this rapid trajectory, HighJump will continue providing new services and functionality to evolve supply chains. This includes grounding its solutions in emerging technologies and expanding on partnerships throughout the logistics ecosystem.

    HighJump’s priorities for 2019 and beyond include:

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Through ongoing investments in data science and unique co-innovation with partners and customers, HighJump will enable companies to truly leverage AI.
    • Autonomous robots: Through relationships with top providers and integrators, such as Locus Robotics and Magazino, HighJump will continue enabling robotics to transform efficiency and flexibility.
    • IoT: Capitalizing on advanced data insights from predictive analytics and global connectivity, HighJump will develop technology and pursue partners to revolutionize core supply chain capabilities like yard and labor management with end-to-end visibility.
    • Tomorrow’s workforce: With modern trainings, onboarding and next-generation technologies such as voice and vision, HighJump will leverage its solutions and partner ecosystem to strengthen the workforce of the future.

    Further details are here.

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