HighJump Unveils Global Cloud Initiative - HighJump Now

    Posted by Heather Smith on Dec 13, 2018 2:00:00 PM

    HighJump-Logo-Hubspot-LinkedIn-1200x627px HubspotHighJump announces HighJump Now, HighJump’s initiative to empower companies worldwide across the entire supply chain with the cloud.  HighJump Now has achieved Powered by Oracle Cloud status and is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, offering added value to Oracle Cloud customers. HighJump solidifies its leading industry cloud position and enables customers with a global platform to capitalize on the digital, connected and automated supply chain of the future.

    Supply chains are evolving rapidly to handle new business models, stressed traditional logistics systems and deconsolidating networks resulting from same-day delivery, increased order volumes and mobility. This requires enhanced capacity and adaptability. The cloud makes this possible.

    HighJump Now builds on HighJump’s existing cloud capabilities and expertise, providing a comprehensive cloud-based solution portfolio for supply chain management. Along with advanced data analytics and warehouse control, HighJump Now will provide a foundation for new, complex technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, IoT and machine learning in a secure cloud environment. This allows efficient management and integration of automation tools to enhance processes. Businesses benefit from lower total cost of ownership (TCO), 24/7 availability, maintenance and support, and the ability to seamlessly adjust to market demands and scale for success.

    HighJump is already seeing tremendous company and industry cloud expansion, anticipated to increase through HighJump Now.  Learn more here.

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