HighJump’s Global Presence Accelerated through Buton eBusiness Solutions

    Posted by Georgia Peel on Oct 17, 2017 9:57:44 AM

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    Buton eBusiness Solutions has been a trusted provider of enterprise software solutions and services in Turkey since 1998. Based in Istanbul, Buton delivers reliable and usable out-of-the box solutions to customers spanning the supply chain to customer service.

    HighJump and Buton have been partners since 2014. HighJump’s high adaptability, including seamless ERP integration and operational development capabilities, originally attracted Buton. With HighJump, users can build their own unique workflows and easily adjust the system to meet their specific needs - saving time and costs. Buton was also impressed by HighJump’s commitment to excellence in customer service, implementation, training and support.

    Buton also plays a key role in HighJump’s international expansion. While partly due to its prime geographic location between Europe and Asia, Buton has also affirmed its place in the region by demonstrating expertise and success in the supply chain market, specifically in industries such as manufacturing and consumer goods.

    To learn more about the HighJump Partner Network and how to join, visit here.

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