Make an Informed Decision with the 2017 WMS RFP Template

    Posted by Ian McCue on Jul 13, 2017 8:00:00 AM

    2017 RFP WMS Template

    Kicking off a search for a new warehouse management system (WMS) can feel like a daunting task. There are a wide array of vendors, all claiming to be the best solution for your business, even though these solutions each have different functionality and offer unique benefits. But early on, it’s often difficult to make those distinctions.

    You need a way to break through all the clutter and marketing-ese to find a warehouse management system  (WMS) that will address your top business challenges. So if you’re just beginning to evaluate your options or struggling through the early stages of the search, where should you look for help?

    The 2017 WMS RFP Template is an excellent tool for evaluating different WMS solutions. This template is updated every year by supply chain experts  to reflect market changes and the evolving needs of today’s leading companies. It is a valuable tool for businesses in every sector.

    The RFP Template has four primary sections – Company, Functionality, Technology and Adaptability – to provide a complete picture of the system and how well it matches up with your company. There are hundreds of fields that dive into great detail to ensure you fully understand what any one WMS does and does not offer. The prospective customer fills out the necessary categories, then passes it along to vendors, who fill out the remainder of the template.

    Once you put together a list of WMS providers to be considered, this is the next logical step. The RFP Template will help you shorten that list – if there is a critical feature missing from a solution, it’s likely off the table. Perhaps another system will stand out because it supports something essential to your business that competing options do not. If the vendor is vague about a certain functionality, you know where to pry deeper.

    These are all issues that should be discovered before you sign the deal. For example, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to customize the WMS to execute the processes you need it to. Maybe the solution lacks the flexibility to keep up with an organization that is constantly looking for new ways to optimize its supply chain.

    So this RFP template is not just to ensure you select the right system in the short-term – it will help you find the software you need to maintain a low total cost of ownership over the years. A WMS is ideally a long-term investment, so you need as much visibility into potential problems down the road as possible. It's much better to know this information ahead of time.

    A warehouse management system is obviously a big investment, both in terms of time and money. Choosing the wrong software will only add more zeroes to the total bill and hurt your operation. That’s why it is so crucial to identify and implement the right solution the first time. The RFP Template is designed to make sure you do just that.

    Why wait? Don’t put it off any longer – get your copy of the 2017 WMS RFP Template today and take the next step in your WMS evaluation process!


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