NRF Big Show: HighJump Unveils Support for Seller Fulfilled Prime

    Posted by Heather Smith on Jan 14, 2018 6:25:00 AM

    HighJump has announced support for Seller Fulfilled Prime, Amazon’s program allowing retailers and manufacturers to deliver directly to customers from their own fulfillment centers. HighJump’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) empowers companies of all sizes to meet Amazon’s high performance criteria, enabling them to scale their businesses and provide the customer satisfaction to compete in today’s market.

    HighJump Seller Fulfilled Prime Visual.png

    With Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime program, businesses handle storage, packaging and distribution in-house. This is beneficial for companies with unique product requirements, be it seasonal demands, fragility, special preparation and beyond. As a result, new businesses can now leverage Prime, while current users can expand their offerings to drive new revenue. To participate, businesses must comply with Amazon’s standards of excellence, such as nearly perfect shipping accuracy and cost-free two-day delivery. HighJump makes this possible.

    Unlike other solutions, the HighJump WMS guarantees alignment with Amazon’s service level agreement for SMBs, enterprises and 3PLs, evolving with a company’s growth.  Furthermore, HighJump incorporates Amazon Prime into existing business processes, as opposed to requiring an entirely separate fulfillment workflow. Prime shipping is integrated directly into the WMS with Prime labels automatically generated, eliminating the need for users to also interact with Amazon’s seller central. This creates a single, automated workflow that assures accurate and timely picking, packing and shipping while reducing labor and upping productivity throughout a company’s entire business journey.

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