PROFITsystems Unveils New RETAILvantage Capabilities for Consumer of Tomorrow

    Posted by Heather Smith on Jun 5, 2018 10:19:41 AM

    HighJump-Profit-Systems-LogoPROFITsystems, a HighJump product and leading provider of solutions for home furnishings retailers, today announced new advances for its server and cloud-based retail management system, RETAILvantage. The latest updates empower companies of all sizes to evolve to meet today’s complex retail demands and the expectations of the consumer of the future.

    Meeting millennial demands is driving the industry to change. From reverse logistics, to same-day delivery, to mobility, to social engagement and beyond, furniture retailers need the latest technologies to capitalize on these trends and stay competitive. PROFITsystems helps make this possible with the release of RETAILvantage 2.5.

    With the latest version of RETAILvantage, online and brick and mortar home furnishings retailers capitalize on all ecommerce has to offer. Using RETAILvantage’s new eCommerce API, retailers can seamlessly sync data between their website and the ERP system. This enables real-time shopping cart order integration, website pricing and inventory data automatically synced to include package pricing and item availability. Additionally, the new API is designed to work with retailers’ existing ecommerce provider, assuring they can use the strategic partners that understand and best suit their business. The result is a true, automated omnichannel experience that increases sales and expands retailers’ reach.

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