Shipping and receiving for Outsourced Logistics operations

    Posted by Melroy Coelho on Oct 14, 2016 9:00:00 AM
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    What do we mean by Inbound Receiving and Outbound Shipping in Third Party Logistics?


    Inbound Receiving - When goods arrive at the dock, they are verified against associated bills of lading or advanced shipping notices (ASNs). They are then checked for condition, discrepancies in quantity and special markings are noted. The goods are then released for storage, usually on a system assigned space basis.

    Outbound Shipping - Outgoing orders are checked for accuracy and completeness, labeled and packaged as necessary and then assigned shipping and delivery selections.

    Key Takeaway

    Look for a 3PL solution that provides exceptional organization capabilities for expediting and monitoring  the flow of goods into and out of the facility. From the arrival of the truck to the staging and allocation of location to put away, final processing and inbound load confirmation. 

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