The 4 Pillars of the Supply Chain of the Future

    Posted by Sophie Pagalday on Aug 7, 2018 1:00:00 PM

    We’re living in a truly unique time for supply chain. At the risk of sounding dramatic, there are convergences happening right now in our industry changing how businesses need to think about their warehouse management systems, operations, customers, and fulfillment. Think about it:

    • Customers seek brands that provide personal experiences, yet…
    • They also want the all of conveniences online shopping provides, meanwhile…
    • Businesses face a shrinking workforce to deliver on all these customer expectations while…
    • They look for ways to increase throughput and lower cost per unit in their supply chain and foster repeat business.

    All of these changes in a few short years. How can a business wrap their heads around so much complexity and change? In a recent conversation with SupplyChainBrain, HighJump CTO Sean Elliott shares his vision of the four pillars of the future for supply chain. He breaks down why today’s challenges shape the future of supply chain and how your warehouse management system, including hardware, software, and people, needs to bridge the gap between these challenges, happy customers, and healthy business. Watch the video below to listen in.


    Elliott’s ideas on how to better serve the modern consumer and differentiating through supply chain take businesses down an interesting road of innovation. We’re excited to see how businesses continue to use HighJump to leap forward in their supply chain operations.

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