Three Warehouse Efficiency Tips for Microsoft Dynamics GP® Users

    Posted by Janae Smith on Dec 21, 2017 3:23:40 PM


    Your Microsoft Dynamics GP®: ERP depends on seamlessly integrated processes and workflows to extend the power of its capabilities and further optimize and streamline your operations. In order to connect, collect and control all aspects of your Dynamics GP’s receiving, order fulfillment and inventory control processes, you need a solution that blends the robust capabilities of a warehouse management system (WMS) with the ease of an automated data collection solution (ADC).

    By implementing these three warehouse efficiency gains, you will enable your workforce and maximize productivity to save your business time and money.

    1. Decrease time and number of scans by leveraging combined barcoding. Combined barcoding allows you to obtain all data in a single scan. By storing multiple pieces of information in one barcode string, such as item number, lot number, and expiration date, users can scan this unique barcode at the item prompt and bypass the succeeding lot number and expiration date prompts. The values for those prompts are automatically updated in the background - without ever needing to think twice. Take it one step further by utilizing multiple combined barcode formats that can be configured easily in a WMS for increased efficiency and visibility - including the item, serial/lot, expiration date, manufactured date, quantity, and unit of measure information.
    2. Enhance picker productivity by utilizing bin naming conventions. Leveraging proper bin naming conventions simplifies your sorting and guided picking methods and decreases confusion and inefficiency on your warehouse floor. Leveraging a numbering schema that can be used to quickly and systematically locate each warehouse bin for the zone, isle, bay, level and position is optimal for enhancing picker productivity.
    3. Gain a rapid return on investment (ROI) and improve accuracy with hand-held label printing. Switch from a PC-based interface to hand-held label printers on your warehouse floor to gain real business results of increased productivity and a quick ROI. By printing your product labels straight from a hand-held device at the point of transaction, you will reduce costly errors, improve accuracy and eliminate the time-consuming processes of having to travel back and forth to the printer.

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