HighJump Named a Food Logistics’ 2017 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Provider

    Posted by Heather Smith on Dec 21, 2017 12:00:00 PM

    HighJump announces its appointment to the 2017 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers for a 9th consecutive year.  Food Logistics includes HighJump on this year’s list based on the success HighJump Enterprise 3PL WMS enables for food logistics. 

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    HighJump and Teletrac Navman Partner

    Posted by Heather Smith on Oct 10, 2017 7:10:00 AM

     HighJump announced today the integration of Prophesy Dispatch TMS and Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR, the industry’s leading fleet management solution.

    The integration creates a seamless workflow between every component of a load and ensures compliance with the upcoming electronic logging device (ELD) rule in the United States.

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    CSCMP EDGE 2017: HighJump Showcases Advantages of Dynamic Waves

    Posted by Heather Smith on Sep 25, 2017 10:54:02 AM

    Today at CSCMP EDGE, HighJump is showcasing the top benefits of dynamic waves. 

    Handling unique, one-off online orders coming in anytime, from anywhere, is big enough a challenge for today’s distribution centers. Combining this with traditional store replenishment and drop shipping, while striving to meet expectations for faster, cheaper deliveries adds to the complexity. With the right process in place, these challenges become opportunities. This is dynamic waves.

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    HighJump and KeepTruckin Simplify ELD Compliance

    Posted by Heather Smith on Sep 20, 2017 8:30:00 AM

     HighJump announced a new integration between Prophesy Dispatch TMS and KeepTruckin. By joining forces, HighJump and KeepTruckin enable truckload carriers to comply with the latest FMCSA ELD rule while streamlining their operations.

    By December 2017, the FMCSA is requiring the trucking industry to implement ELDs for accurate Hours of Service (HOS) tracking. Combining the KeepTruckin ELD solution with Prophesy Dispatch provides an affordable and simple means for small-to-mid-sized trucking companies to comply with the ELD mandate and improve operational efficiency. 

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    HighJump Named to SDCE 100 Top Supply Chain Projects for 2017

    Posted by Heather Smith on Jun 28, 2017 8:31:14 AM

    Supply & Demand Chain Executive has named HighJump a recipient of an SDCE 100 Award for 2017.

    HighJump is recognized for its work with subscription-based razor and men’s care ecommerce company Dollar Shave Club. 

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    Seeking Balance in the Digital Supply Chain

    Posted by Rich Weissman on Jun 19, 2017 8:28:36 AM

    I like to tell my students that I was alive at the birth of the Internet…and no I didn’t know Al Gore. I worked for a now defunct supply chain portal during the early century Web 1.0 era and I have the stock option certificates framed and hanging on my office wall to prove it. I also have a box of denim shirts with a classic dot.com logo!

    Prior to that, and while employed as a supply manager in a Boston area high tech manufacturer, I attended graduate school to earn a masters degree in management. Part of that program was the development of a master’s thesis. Trying to bridge the academic world and the practical one, I decided to research how the Internet might impact supplier relationships. It had a fancy title, The Effect of the Internet on Marketing to the Supply Management Function in the Industrial Marketplace, and contained lots of research, statistical surveys, and many supplier interviews.

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    HighJump Recognized by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

    Posted by Heather Smith on Jun 14, 2017 9:05:00 AM

    HighJump's warehouse management system (WMS) software has been positioned amongst the technology leaders in the global WMS market by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, a global advisory and consulting firm focused on helping clients achieve business transformation goals with strategic business and growth advisory services.

    The recognition stems from company initiatives and product enhancements to provide warehouse customers with the tools and capabilities to succeed in today’s complex supply chain landscape.

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    Take a Cloud First Approach to EDI for Dynamics 365 for Operations

    Posted by Steve Norris on Jun 7, 2017 9:55:40 AM

    Have you ever tried to connect a VCR to a high definition television?

    I never thought I’d be mentioning those two pieces of technology together until my parents bought an HDTV a few weeks ago. Their piles of VHS tapes and lack of technical prowess meant that it was on me to solve the tricky predicament of taking an aged piece of technology and getting it connected to new technology. After multiple trips to the local electronics store and consulting different experts, I was finally able to get it to work. Can these two pieces of technology be used together? Yes, but it takes a substantial amount of work. Were the results underwhelming? Yes. Did it take much longer than anticipated? Yes. Did it cost more than I anticipated? Yes. Does it take full advantage of the new technology? No.

    This is not much different than the struggle that traditional on-premises EDI providers have had integrating EDI into and out of Dynamics 365 for Operations.

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    eCommerce and EDI Under One Roof

    Posted by Craig Ross on Jun 5, 2017 9:30:47 AM

    In today’s now economy, the need for flexible eCommerce and EDI solutions that can process orders across all sales channels is more important than ever. Did you know that TrueCommerce is the only provider offering eCommerce and EDI solutions under one roof? Our eCommerce solutions include B2B eCommerce, B2C eCommerce, Amazon Marketplace integration, order management, plus EDI and accounting system integration with the eCommerce platform. Below, we answer a few of the most frequently asked questions to help you better understand how you can efficiently capture and manage all your orders in one commerce system to improve fulfillment and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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    Collaborating With Your Supplier Community

    Posted by Steve Norris on May 31, 2017 6:23:24 AM

    As a growing organization, your business works with a variety of suppliers of which have varying levels of business maturity and technical sophistication. While some of your larger suppliers may have systems in place that allow them to effectively communicate order confirmations, shipment notifications, and invoices to your organization, the time and resources that your organization spends collaborating with your less sophisticated suppliers can be significant. With a supplier enablement solution from TrueCommerce, your organization can achieve efficiencies across your entire supplier community from proactive notifications of missing order confirmations within a pre-defined time period to ensuring the three way match of order, receipt, and invoice previous to integrating that invoice into your ERP system. To learn more about our supplier enablement platform, click here.

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