Video: Keeping Inventory Traceable During Cross Dock with 3PL WMS

    Posted by John Arkontaky on Apr 26, 2019 11:00:00 AM

    If there’s one constant in third-party logistics (3PL) and multi-tenant supply chain operations, it’s change. It’s the nature of 3PL: evolving customer needs such as direct store delivery or drop shopping; adding automation technology or other efficiency-boosting systems; outfitting a warehouse for new customers; and changes to SLAs are just a few examples. On top of this, there’s ongoing pressure to operate more efficiently, offer value-add services, optimize space, reduce costs, and maximize labor hours.

    There is no silver bullet, “set it and forget it” solution for these challenges. They grow, shift, and sometimes surface out of the blue. For Venture Global, a 3PL operating for over 20 years, improving its cross-dock operations and increasing inventory visibility were the key challenges to leaping forward in their 3PL supply chain business.


    Watch Venture Global’s video for a deeper look into their operational challenges and why HighJump gives the 3PL a positive outlook for the future of their supply chain business.

    “We really needed a solution that would allow us to become more automated and efficient,” said Kevin Von Grabe, VP of Operations at Venture Global. “We needed a solution where we could just scan product in, take receipt, make that inventory visible to our customer, then move it out.”

    Venture Global chose the HighJump™ Enterprise 3PL warehouse management system (WMS) because it empowered the 3PL to build workflows for their specific operational needs and automate processes that increased customer visibility and transparency. Not only that, the 3PL provider expects the flexibility of the WMS to meet any future needs, keeping their business competitive and growing no matter the challenges.

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